The Illusion of Light


The central theme of the illumination realized of the historical company DE CAGNA LUMINARIE is illusionism, one of the technical more fascinating  in staged during the circus shows. “ The circus”, in fact the principal subject chosen from team Falla Sueca Literato Azorin, from which start to give birth to a true show of light and magic that will animate the Falla 2016.


In this edition of the festival, the Luminaristi Salentines will become real magicians who with their art will enchant the public.


The principal task of the illusionist is in fact that to create illusion of an occurrence magical in the mind of the viewer. The basic purpose is to entertain people, generating a feeling of wonder.


In this regard it is not really important what the illusionist ago, but as the viewer live the effect, and it is on this that  centers the creation  this year.


On this occasion more than ever it is important to choose the design of the decor, which must necessarily merge with the musical power-play, right now begins the real show, a tangle of bright shapes that cleverly put together like in a real show make real the illusory effects in people's eyes, as if the entire structure took life enlivened by musical notes, according to which each lighting element is alternated in an amazing magic trick .


The entire work is constructed following this thread conductor from entrance door, a majestic building of light wide total 14.10m, with a central arch to all sixth with the diameter of 8,00m. The three-dimensional structure is composed by two wide side facades 9,40m in which there are two barrel vaults richly carved 4,00m. The front side is formed by a combination of floral and geometric elements broken at the center by a beautiful curved cornice with decorated in Moorish style, which runs along the entire perimeter of the portal.


At the top of a rhythmic repetition of refined rosettes with four openings of windows which support the closing frame 25,00m elegantly finished with diamond-shaped designs.


Over the entrance door the opening of a luxurious nave realized through the assembly of railings with various style designs, alternate between them to ensure a magical perspective effect. The depth of the tunnel is also accentuated by the continuous repetition of small elements daisy and clover that following the arches of the structure giving rise during power to illusionistic prestige.


To hold up the vaults, two wonders light walls  with gorgeous decorations that extend to 122,20m until to arrive to the central place called Falla.




In this point of the illumination rise four oblique backs, placed along the intersection angles. Each composition 12,50m wide and high 14,00 consists of 4 floors of loggias argyle with pointed arches climbing toward the center point culminate with a balcony surmounted by a baroque rosette.


.In the side streets there are gazebos made by the intersection of 4 arches to rhombi that recall the ornamental element of the Falla.


Finally a pediment in Arab-style with closing to wave high 17,00m and wide 10,00m with sumptuous draperies and floral friezes that open toward a gallery of 13 arches closed finally on the final from  a geometric rosette.


Aesthetically and artistically the entire creation is a series of architectural elements of various kinds, a mixture of styles from the Baroque with the use of curls and spirals to the Gothic and Arabic in the use of geometric plots that give a magical and mystical aspect to the work of light.


From this bright chromatic circle emerges the idea of the circus, with its bright  colors and the explosive joy of the performances of polyhedral and multi-ethnic artist,  fireworks and a mysterious fairy that enchants and emotion.
The work is composed overall of 400.000 lamps a led new generation and 500.000 micro-light to led cold white and warm white for total  consumption total of 120 kw.





The central theme of the majestic preparation created of the history company DE CAGNA LUMINARIE for the FALLAS SUECA LITERATO AZORIN is “ THE MYTH OF ICARO”. 

Second the legend, the King of Creta Minosse had asked to Dedalo of realized the labyrinth for the Minotour 

Having build, Dedalo and his son Icaro them knowed the structure

for this Minosse was afraid might be revealed the secret 

Then decided to closure father and son in the labyrinth, precluding each way of escape from Creta. 

Dedalo for try  to escape build of the wings with the feathers and the attack at them body with the wox.

Despite warnings of the father of don’t fly too tall, Icaro became thrill take flight and flying touch heaven and approached too the sun, the heal fused the wax, doing to fall in the sea where he die.

The pediment of entry whose structure is presented in all his majestic is 17.40MT wide and 22MT high realized through approach of element for more vertical also to do accentuated the high, column 

Bidimensional alternating semi-cylindrical turrets by colors and eccentric shapes, which are repeated  in a modular way to top. 

In the first section of decoration a succession of arches supported by columns thin that recall the structure of the GLABE, and create a particular perspective game given effect to climb bows down in contrast to the columns that reach a height foiling in the sky up to 31MT.

The work light slender on the shapes and refined in the color combination want draw energy and courage of the gesture  of Icaro that enchant the beauty of the clear sky and the immense celestial space dare approach God, rising more and more high.

The recurrence of turbot and plots carved arches continues along the dense  gallery generation a bright aisle which enhances the mythical and serves as liaison to the central subject chosen for the FALLA 2015

The “ ABBEY OF WESTMINSTER and the secret love between Enrico VIII and Anna Bolena”. 

In this part of the illumination in fact, two backs connected to the last arc are placed in the funnel and lead in the space dedicated to the FALLA which bounderies are defined by a rich crow of light wide 23 MT and high 12.20MT encircling and designs space with a palatial combination of geometric and floral shapes.

The royal symbol along with the GLABE top and a total 18MT wide 9MT shaped throne that opens to the last gallery recall the story of the King and his mistress, taking in colorful draparies of the arches and the magnificient decorative elements of the crow and the beautiful luxurious decorations present in the architecture in the tapestries and clothing of the court, the entire construction consist from 660.000 led lamps of new generation for a consumer total of 90kw








LUMINARIE CESARIO DE CAGNA BY Maglie (LE), it’s will be turned on the first time in the world, Saturday 5th July 2014 (each evening, until at 9 July) at 9:00PM, in occasion and honor of the holy Domenica the mistress of the small town “ SCORRANO” ,in the province of “LECCE” , make the world capital of the illumination.


The structure has like item principal majestic CROSS than mark the entry of a long aisle angular.


The imposing Christians symbol seems almost detached from the front wall light throught the effective three-dimensional effect that ensures the awesome feeling that the whole form of light at the urging viewer to enter.


The two arms of the CROSS appear to be suspended in the air, thanks to an intricate and ingenious structure of wooden poles that last wooden poles maintain in axis all the items without use to support unsightly on the visible of the “FRONTONE”.


FRONTONE means a big structure name CROSS.


Put to sides of the entry two porches  in wich to open two window with gothic arcades at all sixty of the delineate through the high parts the screen of the cross wall.


The whole emblem is mark by a succession of diamond shapes that are repeated within the bright facade with a central cross more small that arms all the same dimension welcome four luminous lilies to hearth a central rosette with three concentric circles.


The circle, fulcrum of the whole work represented the perfection, harmony, everything that has not beginning and end, the perennial cycle of life and then calls her beautiful continuity heaven and spiritually.


Own that last is the concept around  develop the whole work , a return to religiosity and purity of the spirit, to humility of the human.


In contemporary society the man has edit the his inner becoming part of a world bound only need dry solid materials of need unnecessary.


Over the CROSS mark  the passage luminous two high “SPALLIERE” realized with porches arcades put serpentine, alternate thin columns surmount half rosette floreal.


On the screen of the street other cross two-dimension also calls that entry and closed whole realization.


A livel simbolyc, the viewer through baptism, tortuous path also the people through is synonymous of the difficult also needs get over on the way life, a long then only “THE SACRIFICE” then all we must submit to find ourselves could guide us toward the redemption of the spirit.












Work realized with luminarie in wood and lamps to led is composed in the central parts of a FRONTONE to form of cross three-dimensional high overall 29.35meters and large 20.20meters.


The items three-dimensional of the cross is deep 2.35meters and welcomes his inside a cross more small of 15.15meters X 15.50meters enclosing three circle concentrate respectively of 5.610meters, 3.80 meters , 1.40 meters .


Sides of the cross two SPALLIERE gotich surmount  of window with arcades at all sixty large 6.10 meters and high 14.25 meters leave space in the middle of the FRONTONE a gap towards the way of 6.10meters X 10.50meters.


The two SPALLIERE sides long overall 65meters are realized medium 13porches of 4.30meters and high 9.50 meters put to zig-zag and alternate to 12 columns of 0.70cm X 13.30meters of high with half rosette floreal.


To closed of whole installation one cross two-dimension and large 10.40 meters and high 16.30 meters.


With this new structure , the company DE CAGNA, also export the “MADE IN ITALY” all over the world, continuous his way all rise, not ending never to astonish with her wonder structure. His illumination not repeat never and not fall on the banality, on the contrary, anything.


Is this the force also distinguishes the family DE CAGNA , mastery, professionality, and passion towards the own work also is art.


An art unique and recognizable.


An art it becomes always more ingenious and revolutionary also pass of the tradition at the innovation, thanks also to use a light clean and modern able to save notevoly, respecting, wich, the environment.


An art don’t forget the past but reinterprets and respect with love and dedition.


The oxen of the night, is paints of colors, lace also paints the heaven in days of party.


Representation also change, also evolved steadily but respect, the same time. A traditional also each day take the family DE CAGNA to achieve unprecedented successes with an unique purpose for dream.



Eiffel Tower

The structure was built in less than two years, from 1887 to 1889, during the Second Industrial Revolution and is widely regarded as one of the examples of architectural art as the most extraordinary, is unquestionably one of the most representative symbol of Paris throughout the world. Its significance has grown over the centuries: witness at first,the progress of humanity than ever before with the industry's impact on the art world, it has added meaning for the construction of national defense and finally a symbol of a nation and tourist attraction. The majestic construction is formed at the base by four arched pillars, which are united in support of the structure, tapering upwards, and is interrupted by three platforms, each of which has a large lookout. Since 2000, the tower is lit by 352 lights sparkle in the evening and every hour with 20,000 strobe lights,ensuring a very impressive visual effect.

Construction Traditional Arts of Illuminations Falla Sueca
 Literato Azorin
Valencia 2011

As the structures and techniques for making use of the company De Cagna, are becoming increasingly ingenious and revolutionary also the inspiration for the design of new projects is projected into the future, not only for the use of a light clean and modern, but mainly thanks to the inventiveness of artists De Cagna, who never ceases to surprise, leaving room for large firms improbable run.
Tangible example of the continuing progress towards representations that in turn gives rise to confusion and astonishment among the people is undoubtedly the setting for the famous "Falla Sueca" 2011 in Valencia. A science fiction as the entrance to the building colors and eccentric shapes rise four mighty towers rising to heights (from 14,10m to 18,10 m) towards the center of the pediment, the loggia closed higher (20,60 m) to form the 'hypothetical facade of a majestic castle radiating only LED light.
At the center under the arms framed by intricate geometric forms, the opening of a tunnel with three naves light proceeds in the form of time since the overlap of three identical circles. Approximately 106m long (with the continuation of an elegant espalier of 23,50 m) the structure is an ideal reference to Einstein-Rosen bridge or tunnel time and space, the illusory idea developed in the early twentieth century of a gravity tunnel, which goes from one point to another universe and allow the matter to travel faster than light would take to travel the distance through normal space, according to scientific theories not yet proven, this shortcut could potentially allow time travel. Post to invoke the idea of outer space, the background 3 stars close the three circles of the tunnel bringing out the most extraordinary things in perspective.
The work on the facade is completely covered by light blue with hints of the same color placed along the arches to hold up the entire gallery space, the color choice that goes well with the white ice of the drapes, also makes the idea of infinite space where a succession of balls and shimmering three-dimensional drops, have the dream image of an open door on the universe. The entire project consists of well 176632 and 147200 microlamps of  LED.
Further to illuminate and outline the shape of the square oblique four compositions (by 19632 light bulbs) about 10m high made  of rich concentric rosettes, even here the circle is the meaningful part of the whole creation, the cosmos, the infinite, the idea of the supernatural. Aggravating this reference in the two side streets three arches 9,50 m high and 8,40 m wide, placed symmetrically with respect to the central square of 10500 light bulbs.
Conversely the tunnel described above unfolds along the second stretch of road Falla Sueca, a long tunnel formed by the repetition rate of 12 arches that led to continue for about 124 m ending with a high  pediment of 18 m. Made a total of 37674 bulbs, also follows the style of the first installation, giving vent to colors and new forms of experimentation, thus acting not only by the monumental entrance to get to work gradually toward the mammoth of the tunnel, but also the background, looking at the entire design from the main entrance, where the eye is automatically guided towards the furthest point of flight, powering the concept plans and infinite spaces. The whole object is 258148 light bulbs and has a consumption of about 250KW, the architecture is incredibly innovative, intimidating and almost stuns the viewer who walks all the way and especially going through the tunnel structure of implausible space and time has made  the idea of being in another world, time seems to take a different course, the huge size of the project, the chromaticity whimsical and sophisticated likely to give the idea of a fourth dimension, as if it crossed actually a parallel universe all to be amazing and almost unreal.

LIGHT is the subject of our company, not only the real creative medium being able to emphasize and highlight buildings' geometry and art forms, but also the active subject of an expressive language variously modulated and mouldable. Light is a meaningful sign conveying a world of emotions, feelings, thoughts and vibrations. Light is a great mean expressing spatial and temporal suggestions, actions and moods. Light designs and creates spaces, atmospheres and depths, structuring itself as a constructing element of places, times and relations. Our intent is analysing the relation between light and architecture, light and art, each helping the other to be revealed. Our company is capable of doing this not only in a functional, but also in a poetical way thanks to the aid competent artists.
Our company has always paid attention to the environmental impacts and to energy saving. With the presentation of the new 3 LED bulb (also available with 2 LED) being held in SCORRANO the 5th,6th and 7th of July, the journey begun in 2006, when our first exhibition (a gallery) all decorated with LED was presented, will finally end. In that occasion truly unexpected results were achieved, especially those concerned with the brightness of the so called WARM WHITE LED lamp, which reached almost the same intensity of the incandescent lamp. Once terminated the developing process of the 3 LED lamp, which, however, has not been abandoned and it is still being followed with the same attention, the procedure of replacing the incandescent lamp on its structures has begun. The new LED lamps will be directly installed on the new structures (such as the   Tower of     Pisa which will be presented in Scorrano), while the existing structures are being updated little by little, so that in 2010 an event or an exhibition all decorated with LED will be set up. For instance an exhibition of 160,000 lamps with the traditional incandescent lamp produces a power consumption of 800Kwt. However, from 2010 with the new LED lamp the incredible amount of just 70Kwt will be consumed. This striking result, within the traditional illumination of Salento, opens new scenarios previously unimaginable, with much fewer problems to be faced in the implementation of an event or an exhibition, called FESTA. 
Features of the LED lamp: same shape of the old lamp operating with the same electricity grid and screwing on the same lamp socket can use 12V with only a small trick or change in operation, thereby resolving the safety problem, a furhter issue related to the world of illumination
the optical effect is greatly improved since the colours are real and not obtained through the addition of coloured plastics.
Advantages of the LED lamp: longer durability (incandescent bulb 4000h - LED 70000h) - zero maintenance - lower energy consumption (90% less) - no wear of the lamp - higher impact resistance due to the plastic bulb.

A touch of art, to make unforgettable the night of Beer and Sound, even in the fifth edition ourselves think the artistic sceneries of the De Cagna Luminarie company. The Company of Maglie, among the most representative of the area in Salento, they will coloured the whole area creatingamagical atmosphere. An artistic polychrome play, combined for a wise combination of hot and cold light that which will accommodate guests of the first European beer festival in Salento. Another way, this, to reassess the Salento territory through art, passion and the mastery of a company that is one of excellence to be proud of. A touch of art and elegance.     We have expanded our range of article, enter truly unique subjects in particular are led to increased the articles that much more respect the environment, where our firm years now devote special attention. We also make custom items, any meet your request and you customers that need.  
Wp Store Rome

Here's another important, and especially the original installation of our company, which is in addition to various other installation which is not typically the festivities. After the chandelier in New York at the restaurant "Il matto", and the pizzeria in Geneva  "Luigia", here is the installation of the WP Store in Rome. As last installation we have the one of '' Bar Castello '' in Corigliano D'Otranto (Le).  

  Installation on a diamond - Otranto

"The Castle of Crossed Destinies, " from 12.06.10 to 26.09.10.
To borrow and paraphrase the title of a book by Italo Calvino, he was given the name "Crossed Destinies " a sculpture of light on the eve of 2011, twenty years after the first landings of the Albanians on our coast, want to remember those events, but also bring to mind many of those years, before the policy and identified a response, in that sea died. Not a celebration, but an invitation to reflect that you want to continue through art and culture in a symbolic place in the Mediterranean: Otranto and its castle that has seen many times in history to cross swords with the destinies of men. In the frame of a giant diamond grid materializes, intercepting the paths and the paths of visitors who are attracted by the lines, taking volume and body, become elements to be covered: the design by the architect Raffaele Zizzari, text by Luigi De Luca, the production of De Cagna luminaries.    



Another distinctive feature of our company is the capacity to communicate the detailed description of what is being observed. A new way of communicating the reality not only to experts (committees and events' organizers) but also to common people seeing traditionally the illuminations, without any trick and forcing.

Beer and Sound 2010

The artistic scenes of the company LUMINARIE DE CAGNA will be making the Saund and beer nights unforgettable also in the fifth edition. This company, one of the most renowned within the Salento territory, will be colouring the entire market area by creating a magic atmosphere. An artistic polychrome effect together with a wise binomial of cold and warm light will be welcoming all the guests of the FIRST EUROPEAN BEER FESTIVAL in Salento. An additional way in order to revalue the Salento territory through art, passion and the mastery of a company representing one of the excellences to be proud of. A touch of art and elegance.

New Articles Christmas 2010

picture: Gent Belgium

The most important embodiments carried out by the company De Cagna Illuminationsover the years throughout the world.

Houston (USA) – Manifestazione “Italy in Houston” 1987

Ferrara (ITA) – Manifestazione “Città in Festa” 1992

Milano (ITA) – Manifestazione “Carnevale Ambrosiano” , “Festa dei Folli” 1994

Valona (ALB) – Manifestazione “Festa della Liberazione” 1994

Wakayama (JAP) – Manifestazione “Festa dei Sogni e della Luce” 1995

Kobe (JAP) – Manifestazione “Kobe Luminarie” 1995/1996/1997/1998/1999/2002/2003/2004/2006

Cesano Boscone Milano (ITA) – manifestazione “Festa del Santo Patrone” 1996

Palermo (ITA) – Manifestazione festa “Santa Rosalia”1996

Tokyo (JAP) – Manifestazione “Tokyo Millenario” 1999/2000/2001/2003

Lisbona (POR) – Manifestazione “Festa dell’Oceano” 2000

Spoleto Perugia (ITA) – Manifestazione “Spoleto 2000” 2000

Torino (ITA) – Manifestazione “Festa della Cioccolata” per Caffarel 2000

Perugia (ITA) – Manifestazione “Festa della cioccolata” per Caffarel 2000

Luino Varese (ITA) – Manifestazione “Festa dei S.S. Pietro e Paolo” 2000

Cesano Maderno (ITA) – Manifestazione “Echi del Salento” 2003

Instambul (TUR) – Allestimento “Shopping Center Akmerkeze” 2003

Parigi (FRA) – Allestimento “Shopping Center Lafayette” 2003

BUSAN (SUD KOREA) – Manifestazione “Busan Millenarie Festival” 2004

Santeramo in Colle Bari (ITA) – Allestimento “Natale 2004” 2004

Lecce (ITA) – Manifestazione “Natale in Piazza” 2004

Milano (ITA) -  Allestimento “Ars Magna” per Ente Fiere Milano 2005

Milano (ITA) evento 10° anniversario Richmond – Rotonda della Besana  2006

Milano(ITA)  – Natale 2006 Gruppo Ligresti cena natalizia

Milano(ITA)  – Natale 2006 Gruppo Mondadori cena natalizia

Daegu (SUD KOREA) – Manifestazione “Festa delle Luminarie” 2006

Seoul (SUD KOREA) – Allestimento “Shopping Center Shinsegae” 2006

Pyongyang (NORD KOREA) – Manifestazione “The 24h April Spring Friendship Festival” 2006

Seoul (SUD KOREA) – Manifestazione “Luce Vista” 2006/2007

Yongin (SUD KOREA) – manifestazione “Notte della Luna piena” 2007

Lecce (ITA) – Evento Tv “Premio Barocco” 2007/2008

Milano (ITA) – Allestimento stand “Fiera del Mobile” per Minotti Italia, collezione Moco 2008

Milano (ITA) – Allestimento scenografico “Tod’s Party” 2008

Lecce (ITA) – Allestimento negozio “libreria Liberrima” 2008

Firenze Stazione Leopolda (ITA) – Allestimento scenografico “Sfilata Woolrich” 2008

Valencia (SPA) – Allestimento “Natale di Valencia” 2009/2010

Bologna (ITA) – Allestimento natalizio“WP Store” 2009/2010

Cortina (ITA) - Allestimento natalizio“WP Store” 2009/2010

Viagrande Catania (ITA) – Manifetazione “Festa di San Mauro” 2010

Valencia (SPA) – Evento “Falla 2010” in onore di San Giuseppe 2010

Ginevra (SVI) – Allestimento permanente “Pizzeria Luigia” 2010

Valencia (SPA) – Evento “Falla 2011” in onore di San Giuseppe  vincitori Primo Premio Categoria A

Eindhoven (OLA) – Evento “Glow Light Festival” 2010/2011

Roma (ITA) – allestimento permanente Negozio WP via San Sebastianello 2012

Ghent (Belgio)- Evento Glow Light Festival 2012

Valencia (SPA) – Evento “Falla 2012” in onore di San Giuseppe  vincitori Primo Premio Categoria A

Gerusalemme (Israele) evento Gerusalemme Festival Light dal 6 al 14 giugno 2012

Ginevra (SVI) – Allestimento permanente “Pizzeria Luigia” (2)  2012